We are an Approved Mobile Workshop.

Our servicing will cover a wide variety of aspects on your caravan or Motor-home and will repair any of the issues that we find. We can perform these services within our workshop or we can visit you.

Coupling head – check wear/damage & lubricate
Breakaway cable & clip – check condition, routing & integrity
Drawbar – inspect & check
Corner steadies & spare wheel carrier – check for damage, operation & lubricate
Jockey wheel – check condition, operation & lubricate
Chassis – check condition, security of assemblies including chassis to floor security
Tyres – Check and change if necessary
Suspension – visually check condition of rubbers, bushes, dampers & springs
Remove brake drums – clean & check hub bearings & seals
Brakes – Checked and cleaned, or replaced if needed
Handbrake mechanism – check operation, adjust& lubricate
Plugs & cables – check condition & test
Road lights & reflectors – check condition & operation
Battery (if fitted) – check condition of battery and compartment & check battery charge state
Battery (if fitted) – check & top up level if required & perform high discharge test
Check battery charge rate from 12s/13 pin euro plug
Interior lighting & equipment- check operation & fuse rating
Awning light – check operation
RCD unit – check operation of RCD test button & operation of MCB’s
230v sockets – carry out plug top polarity test
Fridge – check operation of fridge
Check operation of all other 230v appliances,fans & luminaries
Air conditioning (if fitted) – check operation
Regulator & gas hose – check age, performance & security
Gas cylinder – check security
Ensure all gas dispersal vents are clear
Water pump & pressure switch – check operation
Waste system – check for leaks
Water tanks (if fitted) – check
Toilet – check security, operation of flush pump & lubricate seals

If we find a repair we can repair mobile, we will, if not we can repair the issue in our workshop.
Our services include a gas safety check as well as a Damp and Water Ingress report.